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G Fuel teams up with the eSports agency Horizon Union for a classic blend of orange and mango

Horizon Union X G Fuel Horizon Sunrise

With another week in the fast-paced world of supplements comes another flavor from the ever-busy gaming brand G Fuel and its signature energy and focus-enhancing product, Energy Formula. While we have seen more standard flavors from the brand lately, as opposed to collaborations, including the lengthily named The Ultimate Mudercorn Sour Rainbow Candy, the latest from G Fuel is indeed a partnership product, where it’s teamed up with the eSports agency Horizon Union.

G Fuel has come together with Horizon Union — based out of Manchester in the UK and established six years ago — for a special edition flavor of Energy Formula named Horizon Sunrise, which is a sweet, refreshing, and rather classic blend of orange and mango. The product combines that familiar orange mango taste with all of the Energy Formula’s usual features in a gram of taurine and 140mg of caffeine, and though it’s not available just yet, you can sign up to be notified as soon as it drops.

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