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G Fuel makes another lengthily named flavor in The Ultimate Mudercorn Sour Rainbow Candy

Ultimate Mudercorn Sour Rainbow G Fuel

We typically say it isn’t a week in the world of supplements without something new and exciting from the gaming specialist G Fuel, although occasionally, it goes a bit beyond that and reveals or releases more than one product. This week is one of those, as over the last few days, we posted about an actual functional food from G Fuel in the protein-packed Protein Puffs, an authentic collaboration with the nostalgic virtual pet website Neopets, and in this post, we have yet another drop to share.

Being both revealed and released this week by the incredibly busy gaming supplement company G Fuel is a flavor lengthily named The Ultimate Mudercorn Sour Rainbow Candy for its energy and focus-supporting product, Energy Formula. It is in stock now over in the brand’s online store, and if you get in there within the next five days, you’ll be able to take advantage of a buy one get one free sale, where instead of paying $35.99 for a single tub of 40 servings, you get two at a price of $18 each.

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