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Australia’s International Protein releases a second protein RTD exclusively in refreshing fruit flavors

International Protein Protein Water

International Protein is sold in many countries, but at its core, it is an Australian sports nutrition company that’s been around for more than two decades and features a very typical or traditional look to its selection of supplements. The brand continues to come out with new and exciting products, the latest of them being Protein Water, although not in the usual powder format, but as a light and refreshing high-protein beverage.

Protein Water from International Protein comes in a tall half-liter screw-top bottle, packing 25g of protein each, primarily from premium whey isolate, only 5.5g of carbohydrates, and virtually zero fat and sugar. The protein drink is an incredibly lean on-the-go offering, and to keep with that clear sub-category of protein, it only comes in refreshing fruity flavors with Strawberry Kiwi, Passionfruit, and a classic Lemon Lime.

According to International Protein, the crisp and clear protein RTD is available now, and with the strong distribution it has across its home country of Australia, you can probably expect to see Protein Water in a lot of places, especially since this isn’t its first protein drink, that honor falls to Ready To Grow Protein Drink, or RTG Protein Drink.