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Universal brand relaunches with its completely new approach and four active lifestyle products

Introducing Universal Brand

The fresh new take on the Universal brand from the company behind the sports nutrition specialist Animal and the long-running Universal Nutrition has arrived, and it is exactly the direction recently confirmed. The refreshed brand is simply called Universal, and while previously it was all about bodybuilding and sports nutrition, this reimagined version is more of an active lifestyle approach geared towards a broader range of individuals.

The new Universal brand

The all-new Universal brand wears a much more colorful look, with no sign of any bodybuilder silhouette or anything like that, all of which is fitting for that goal of targeting the mainstream market. Universal has relaunched with four supplements to its name, half of them being stacks of two separate products, one set designed specifically for men and the other — slightly altered — for women.

Foundational Health Pack

The men’s and women’s supplements are called the Foundational Health Pack, and in each of those packs comes Rise & Shine, intended to be taken in the morning, providing essential vitamins and minerals, focus and cognition ingredients, digestive enzymes, and stress-supporting PeakO2. The other half of the bundle is Reset & Chill for the evening and featuring fatty acids, more of the PeakO2 blend, and theanine, all to help you rest and relax.

Universal Brand Functional Health Pack

Pre-workout and amino

The other two products from the completely revamped Universal brand are Boost & Focus, a moderately dosed pre-workout with reliable ingredients for pumps and performance like 4g of pure citrulline and 2.4g of beta-alanine, and components for energy and focus, including 400mg of choline bitartrate and 200mg of natural caffeine. Last but not least is Replenish & Restore, bringing together EAAs for recovery, glutamine, taurine, and electrolytes for hydration.

Universal Boost And Focus Label

Where to buy

You can check out everything in more detail on the overhauled Universal’s website at All of the supplements — Foundational Health Pack, Boost & Focus, Replenish & Restore — are in stock and available, although you’ll quickly learn the brand prefers you subscribe. The products are rather pricey at their one-off purchase amounts, whereas subscribing gets you 40% off your first month and 30% thereafter. The pre-workout Boost & Focus, for example, is $49 but $29.80 as a subscription.