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Mutant’s extreme high-calorie gainer adds its first refreshing fruity flavor

Jacked Berry Blast Mutant Mass Extreme 2500

Mutant Mass Extreme 2500 is very true to its name in that it’s an extreme version of the legacy hardcore supplement company’s original hit product, the high-calorie mass gainer Mutant Mass. In a full serving of its rich Triple Chocolate flavor, you get 60g of protein primarily from quality whey sources, a huge 462g of carbohydrates with a low 8g of that sugar, 5g of fat, and 2,140 calories, and now, beginning this month, it has another flavor for fans to choose from.

Previously, Mutant had three traditional tastes available for its extreme-calorie mass gainer Mutant Mass Extreme 2500, in the aforementioned Triple Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Cookies and Cream. Making it four options for the supplement in a nice change of pace is a refreshingly fruity creation appropriately named Jacked Berry Blast. The extension has all of the same highlights, including the 60g of protein and the biggest calorie counts you’ll find in a gainer.

Mutant’s Jacked Berry Blast Mutant Mass Extreme 2500 is out now in its home country of Canada, including through the online retail giant Amazon in all three of the supplement’s sizes: a 6lb bag, the double-sized 12lber, and the absolutely giant 20lb sack.