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Larry Wheels’ pre-workout adds PeakO2 and more citrulline for its improved version

Larry Wheels Pr Supplements Improved Pre Workout

Larry Wheels’ brand PR Supplements, named after his lifting accessory and fitness clothing company PR Lifestyle, is getting ready to relaunch its premier pre-workout with a more robust and well-rounded formula. The new and improved product has several ingredients found in its predecessor, but overall, it is indeed a comprehensive replacement, something you can see from the outside with its significantly larger bottle.

The revamped pre-workout from Larry Wheels and PR Supplements still features 50mg each of the premium caffeine-free stimulants TeaCrine and Dynamine, 100mg of theobromine, 50mcg of huperzine, and 300mg of high-powered caffeine. Basically, the energy and focus-enhancing components are much the same in the product, although on the other side, in the area of pumps and performance, that’s where the changes come.

PR Supplements category-named Pre-Workout combines those highlights mentioned above with a gram each of betaine and taurine, like the original, alongside an added single gram of the PeakO2 performance-powering mushroom blend and twice the beta-alanine to 3.2g. The citrulline has also been switched up, where instead of 3g of citrulline silicate, there is 6g of citrulline malate to support and improve muscle pumps.

The supplement has undergone enough changes to be considered an improvement, with added PeakO2 and citrulline certainly lifting the experience; however, there are plenty of similarities where fans of the original will find it familiar. PR Supplements doesn’t appear to have made its sequel pre-workout available just yet, although it is saying it’ll be rolling out soon, with its online store currently locked up but found at