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Table-top sweetener Sweety launches in seven guilt-free flavors at Life Pro Nutrition

Life Pro Nutrition Sweety

The ice cream-making protein powder Ice Dream isn’t the only new product Spain’s Life Pro Nutrition has out and available here in the middle of the year with the equally intriguing functional creation, Sweety. This is actually quite similar to a common kind of item found in catalogs of many European companies, with low to no-calorie sauces, although the difference on this one is that this comes in the form of a sweetening powder, hence the name.

Life Pro Nutrition’s Sweety is indeed a powder that you sprinkle on food, in a smoothie, or any other area where you could use a boost in flavor without any guilt, as its nutrition is next to non-existent. The brand makes the functional product with sucralose and erythritol, resulting in just a single calorie from a small one-gram serving, and you can add more servings for more flavor, whether it be 2g for two calories or a much higher 10g with ten calories.

Obviously, coming from Life Pro Nutrition and being a functional innovation, the convenient flavoring powder Sweety has a strong selection of tastes, and they’re all available through the brand’s online store at a reasonable €9.90 (10.86 USD) for a 180g jar. The options filling out the product’s menu are Cappuccino, Custard, the chocolaty Choco Monky, Neutral, Nutpro, Strawberry Cheesecake, and the chocolate chip-filled gelato Stracciatella.