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Mars Whey Protein RTD Review: Unique unfamiliar flavor that you’ll quickly come to enjoy

Mars Whey Protein Rtd Review

Here at Stack3d we share brands of all shapes and sizes, but more importantly, of all destinations, whether it be a start-up out of Iceland and its population of just under 400,000, or a large-scale company from down under in Australia. We also try supplements, functional foods, and beverages from all across the world; an incredibly important thing to do, not necessarily to find out if they’re any good, but to get a feel and taste of what cultures and countries prefer in terms of benefits and flavors.

Ever since sharing Taiwan’s Mars and its Dragon Ball Super collaboration, we’ve been curious about the intriguing flavors it has on offer for its line of mainstream-level protein powders, as well as everything else it has put together for its fans. Obviously, Mars doesn’t ship its lineup all over the world, but we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on its canned offering, the Mars Whey Protein RTD, packing a respectable 18g of protein and comes in only one flavor that’s not traditional chocolate or vanilla.

Mars Whey Protein Rtd Review


The canned protein beverage from Mars is only available in a Brown Sugar flavor, something we’ve never seen as a standalone option, especially in the form of a protein RTD. Mars is a popular brand in Taiwan, and it has strong distribution in its home country, with the Mars Whey Protein RTD available in everyday convenience stores. We took that as a sign that Brown Sugar is potentially as familiar of a flavor to fans of the brand as classic protein tastes in North America are to us; either way, it’s a damn tasty protein shake.

Our best description of the Brown Sugar Mars Whey Protein RTD is an incredibly sweet yet smooth and milky experience. In the first sip, it feels like slightly sweet milk, then as you take in more and more, the creaminess remains the same, and the sweet side gradually strengthens to a malty sugar-like or even soft chocolate flavor. We’ve tried protein RTDs from all over the globe and can confidently say none of them taste like this, and more to the point, it’s addictively enjoyable, as it leaves a flavor in your mouth that can only be fulfilled by grabbing the can and drinking more.

Mars Whey Protein Rtd Review

As deliciously sweet as the Mars Whey Protein RTD is, there is a downside in its nutrition as its 18g of protein from milk, and hydrolyzed whey sits alongside an almost equal 17g of carbohydrates, all of which is sugar. Combined with the 6g of fat, you get 200 calories a can, making it more suitable for post-workout or protein with some fuel, as it’s not as lean as something like Redcon1’s MRE Lite with 40g of protein and 230 calories.


We’ve certainly had protein shakes, energy drinks, and many functional foods that we’ve cracked open and put down as they’re genuinely not finishable, and that goes for products here in the US and far-off countries. We’re pleased to say Mars instantly proved that as obscure and unique as its various flavors can be, they’re as complete and on point as the frequent chocolate and vanilla shakes we’re used to, and we’d happily throw down a Mars Whey Protein RTD or two after an intense workout any day of the week.

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