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Method Performance introduces its intriguing take on a simpler essential series

Method Performance Essentials

Method Performance has introduced its Essentials series, although while the name makes it sound like a relatively straightforward family of products, that’s not quite the case. The brand’s all-new collection is far from your traditional group of essential items. There are five different supplements in there, with Green-Ade, MicroWar, MushBoom, and the two more basic members of the family, Krill-Shot and the creatine AlphaCrea.

Method Performance’s AlphaCrea and Krill-Shot, are indeed the simplest entries under the Essentials banner; AlphaCrea features only creatine monohydrate in unflavored powder, while Krill-Shot is a krill oil product providing a reliable source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Moving to the more advanced supplements in Method Performance’s Essentials line, there is Green-Ade, featuring over 7g of superfood ingredients a serving for general health and wellness, and the probiotic formula MicroWar, packing a sizeable 40 billion CFUs per serving for gut health. The fifth and final item is MushBoom, bringing together a variety of mushroom extracts, including cordyceps, lion’s mane, and shiitake.

As mentioned, Essentials from Method Performance is not your typical essential series. While bulk creatine is in there as well as a source of omega-3s, the other items mix things up in Green-Ade, MicroWar, and MushBoom. The supplements are all available beginning this month over at, starting at around $30 for the likes of Krill-Shot and MicroWar, and going all the way up to $49.97 for Green-Ade.