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NPL transparently doses its newest premium protein powder exclusive to DisChem

Npl Halo Pro Protein Powder

When brands expand or begin to offer more than a single protein powder, the difference with the supplements almost always comes down to the sources they rely on. NPL in South Africa is one of those companies that has plenty of competitors in the saturated protein category, including the plant-based Vegan Protein, 100% Whey Isolate, the gainer Hyper Gain Mass, Diet Pro, and starting this week, there is the completely new Halo Pro.

The difference in NPL’s Halo Pro is that it’s a blend-style isolate formula, where instead of featuring only whey isolate, like 100% Whey Isolate, you get a blend of whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey. The brand goes the extra mile and transparently outlines how much of each source there is, with 70% whey isolate and 30% hydrolyzed whey, together providing 20g of protein.

The rest of the nutrition profile in Halo Pro is relatively lean, as you’d imagine, with those premium protein sources in 2g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and 112 calories. To additionally support digestion, there are also digestive enzymes in the protein powder, with the branded DigeZyme blend. The supplement comes in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, and the only place fans in South Africa can get it is from the major retailer DisChem.