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Banana Cream Pie makes it four flavors in less than a month for NutraBio’s Classic Whey

Nutrabio Banana Cream Classic Whey

A lot of NutraBio’s attention has been on its significant revamp involving a new logo and a refreshed look that’ll eventually be spread across its vast selection of supplements. Outside of that, the long-running and completely transparent brand has been frequently adding to the menu of its flagship protein powder Classic Whey. In the last three weeks alone, NutraBio has added three more tastes to the whey concentrate-based product, all of which were actually previously discontinued options.

NutraBio is here this week, making it an impressive four flavor extensions for Classic Whey in a single month, following the return of Pitaschio Delight, Orange Dream, and Cake Batter with the sweet and smooth fruity recipe Banana Cream Pie. Like all of those other tastes mentioned, as well as the longer-running options, you can get the undoubtedly enjoyable Banana Cream Pie Classic Whey over at in both of the supplement’s sizes; a 2lber at $39.99 or the much bigger 5lb at $74.99.