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Performix reveals intriguing details on a creative family of versatile formulas

Performix Teases Unique And Versatile Supplement Series

Performix has come out with many different sports nutrition supplements over the years that have caught the attention of fitness enthusiasts and gym goers, including its extensive family of SST weight management products and its memorable pre-workout ION. Throughout its journey, it has continued to stand out and do things differently where it can, and it sounds like that is about to happen once again in its next major launch.

Arriving within the next couple of months, Performix is releasing a family of supplements that all relate and connect to one another, and cover familiar categories but in a very different way to what we’re used to seeing. The details we can share are more than enough to build some excitement, with the series due to start with three different products, all of which are in innovative delivery-enhancing capsules and have a unique feature to them that you won’t find from any other company out there.

Based on that, it seems as though Performix has made most parts and details of the supplements extremely interesting, especially the unique feature of the capsules. The categories are another area of interest, as again, each of the three products comes under a familiar category, but more importantly, they can be used with one another and apparently most other supplements, so they’re very versatile but don’t have basic formulas.

All in all, we’re interested to see the next drop of information from Performix about its upcoming collection of products, especially the creative format they’ve been produced in and how exactly they’ve been structured to be able to work with many other sports nutrition supplements.

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