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Dark Chocolate Mocha reignites the menu of PhD Nutrition’s delicious Smart Protein Bar

Phd Nutrition Dark Chocolate Mocha Smart Bar

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen or heard of anything completely new from the team at PhD Nutrition; in fact, the most recent story we have here at Stack3d relating to the brand was from September of 2021. One of the products the UK-based sports nutrition company is known for is its original Smart Series snack, the Smart Protein Bar, which has brought PhD back into headlines this week due to the launch of a fresh new flavor creation.

Fans of PhD Nutrition will be very aware that the Smart Protein Bar is not short on flavors, with some supremely delicious options on its menu like Chocolate Brownie, White Chocolate Blondie, and one of our favorites, the genuinely on-point, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry. Joining that selection this month is an effort named Dark Chocolate Mocha, blending that familiar coffee-inspired taste with 20g of protein, a low 1g of sugar, and around 250 calories.

Anyone that likes the sound of PhD Nutrition’s Dark Chocolate Mocha Smart Protein Bar won’t be able to purchase this product just anywhere. The brand has confirmed it is exclusive to its online store, at least at the moment; although direct, the price isn’t too bad at £24.99 (31.91 USD) for a box of 12 bars.