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Electrolyte-based Raw Hydration revealed after being in the works for nine months

Raw Hydration

Ever since it debuted, Raw Nutrition has had an extensive selection of supplements and has expanded that in all of the right directions since coming to market, adding more pre-workouts, additional protein powders, and some standalone essentials. During its time in the industry, the hydration category has come into its own, with several significant sports nutrition brands jumping in and putting together formulas specifically for hydration and performance.

After nine months of development, Raw Nutrition is getting in on that trend, taking on the fast-growing world of hydration in a supplement simply named Raw Hydration. Like many others in that area of the market, the upcoming product is packed full of electrolytes alongside a gram of taurine to support and improve hydration, performance, and endurance. The brand hasn’t done anything overly advanced like some of its competitors, where you get added ingredients to further drive performance, like Senactiv, PeakO2, and elevATP, sticking primarily to electrolytes.

Raw Hydration Label

While Raw Hydration is not on the market yet and still coming soon, Raw Nutrition has posted up the facts panel for the supplement, as you can see in the image above, confirming exactly what we’re in for when it eventually makes its way to shelves. The brand has gone with the traditional hydration format of single-serving stick packs, 20 of them in a full-size box, and it is flavored with one option confirmed so far in the classic supplement taste, Fruit Punch.