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RYSE appears to be coming out with an advanced and “Loaded” creatine-based muscle builder

Ryse Previews Potential Loaded Creatine

RYSE has posted a teaser of what appears to be a completely new supplement, something we haven’t seen from the hugely popular sports nutrition brand in some time, and we feel we have a pretty good idea on what exactly it might be. The product has been teased with a mostly visible image of its bottle, although the second half of the name has been conveniently brightened and blurred out so it simply reads “Loaded …”.

Despite not having a whole lot of detail in the hype graphic, we suspect RYSE is getting ready to launch a supplement named Loaded Creatine, following in the footsteps of its other “Loaded” items like Loaded Protein and, of course, the pre-workout Loaded Pre. The bottle does have a highlight reading “muscle building”, which further suggests this is indeed some sort of creatine-powered product, although the tub is rather large.

Usually, creatine supplements come in 300g bottles, including RYSE’s own Element Series Creatine Monohydrate, unless you’re looking at something more advanced like our number one-rated creatine in Ghost Size, featuring several other ingredients to support muscle strength and size. If RYSE Loaded Creatine is indeed what fans are in store for, we suspect it’ll have that more complex approach with not just creatine.

More details on what we’re fairly certain is Loaded Creatine should be along soon, as RYSE is promoting what sounds like an official launch date of the 28th of this month, which is precisely one week away from today.