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Protein meets a variety of vegetables in Savas’ intriguing hybrid beverage

Savas Style Vege Protein Shake

Savas is an absolutely giant sports nutrition and lifestyle company out of Japan that is available all across the country, and it has just added a somewhat different sort of supplement that is in a familiar format, but it’s not so familiar on the inside. The product is Style Vege, in two color-named flavors with Green and Yellow Vegetable, and at its core, it is a protein-packed premixed shake, providing a respectable 15g of protein from milk and soy.

Where Savas makes things a bit different in its Style-Vege Green and Yellow Vegetable RTDs is that alongside the reasonable amount of protein is something that leans more into the name of the supplement in a blend of ten different vegetables. That list of vegetables includes the likes of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and radish, celery, and spinach juice, with the protein alongside no fat, 10 to 15g of carbohydrates, and 94 to 116 calories.

Savas has cooked up two different flavors of the protein and vegetable shake; as mentioned, there is Green Vegetable and Yellow Vegetable for Style-Vege, the former being a melon-based taste, and the latter is a sweet and smooth banana. The hybrid protein RTD is showing up all throughout the Japanese market and quickly, which makes sense, as the brand is one of the largest in the country and backed by a strong distribution network.