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Caffeine and Cognizin added for the flavored version of Sender’s nootropic

Sender Flavored Uplift

Sender recently dropped a bomb, sharing a full family graphic that featured four soon-to-be-released supplements with a flavored Uplift, the pre-workout Clutch, the sleep aid Drift, and the joint formula Comfort. While none of those products are available yet, the brand has shared the ingredients and dosages behind each of them, starting with the Uplift spin-off, which comes in flavored powder instead of capsules like the original.

Sender’s Uplift powder, or flavored Uplift, is a very similar supplement to the regular Uplift, with one key difference, and we’re not referring to the shift from capsules to a flavored drink. The upcoming product adds a benefit that’s not found in the regular version with energy, as unlike the original, the brand has added caffeine to this one at a moderate 200mg in a full serving, so it’s not entirely about nootropic benefits like focus and cognition.

Sender Uplift Powder Label

We’ve got the complete facts panel for Sender’s flavored Uplift in the image above, with that 200mg of caffeine for energy, and a handful of nootropic ingredients, many of which aren’t in the capsule Uplift. That list includes a hefty 3g of tyrosine, 250mg of premium and proven Cognizin, and 250mg of inositol; then, similar to the original, there is RhodioPrime rhodiola at a lighter 250mg a serving and the same half-a-gram dose of DMAE.

The Uplift spin-off will be a nice alternative for fans of Sender and its already available nootropic, where they can purchase the supplement caffeine-free in capsules to mix with their own stimulant source like an energy drink or grab the powder version for a familiar level of focus and cognition with energizing caffeine. There will also only be 20 full servings in a bottle of the Uplift powder, with one flavor named so far in Smart & Tart.