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More complete competitor for the pre-workout space on the way from Siberian Nutrogunz

Siberian Nutrogunz Shares A Sneak Peek At Predator Pre Workout

Russian brand Siberian Nutrogunz is getting ready to release a fresh new entry for the highly competitive category of pre-workouts. We don’t know too much about the supplement at the moment, only the types of benefits it is expected to deliver, but it is going to be an important release. Looking over the brand’s lineup, it doesn’t really have a full-blown competitor in the space, with the closest being Coldblood Pump, with hefty dosages of arginine AKG and citrulline malate for pumps.

The upcoming supplement from Siberian Nutrogunz is named Predator, and it is being described as a nootropic pre-train product, or more commonly, a pre-workout. The brand is promising a strong level of energy from the formula; in fact, that appears to be the primary effect. With nootropic being a crucial part of the description and a word that’s included right on the front of the supplement, it would be good to assume that the energy is coming alongside focus and cognitive ingredients.

Siberian Nutrogunz is only teasing the product for now, hence the slightly covered image of Predator above, although as soon as we get the full breakdown of what’s inside and when it is available, we’ll be sure to pass that on.