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Sour Apple extends the small selection of sugarless flavors of Finland’s ED Energy Drink

Sour Apple Ed Energy Drink

The popular and well-distributed Finnish functional beverage company ED Energy Drink has a new flavor for fans to begin choosing from this month, although this isn’t just any other extension of its signature bottled product. The brand has taken the classic sweet and crisp fruit apple and created a Sour Apple ED Energy Drink, but unlike most of the tastes available, this is one of its rare sugarless offerings, as opposed to the regular sugar-loaded beverage.

ED Energy Drink has over ten different flavors available in Finland, only three of those having no sugar, while the rest of the options pack a huge 60g of carbohydrates, all of that sugar, resulting in a large calorie count of 240, alongside an energizing 160mg of caffeine. The company’s zero-sugar version, including the newly released Sour Apple ED Energy Drink, has no sugar and an almost non-existent calorie count of ten with that same 160mg of caffeine.