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Soyjoy hits the middle of the year with two intriguing new tastes for its self-titled protein bar

Tropical Cranberries Soyjoy Protein Bar

Soyjoy is a self-titled brand and product from Indonesia, available in many neighboring countries, and as you may be able to gather from the name, its star offering is a soy-based protein bar. The convenient snack comes in a unique selection of flavors, with common efforts like Chocolate and Strawberry, then you move into the more alternative creations like Danish Cheese, White Macadamia, and Mochachoco Cashew.

Right in the middle of the year, Indonesia’s Soyjoy has added two new tastes to the already intriguing menu of its protein bar, and similar to the likes of Danish Cheese and Mochachoco Cashew, these are not anything traditional, or at least like we’re used to seeing. The extensions are Tropical Cranberries and Lekker & Nuts, both out now and featuring Soyjoy’s typical macro range with up to 15g of protein and calories around 150.

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