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Germany’s Vast gets in on the subcategory of clear protein powder in AWhey Clear

Vast Awhey Clear

As the list of competitors in the world of energy drinks continues to grow, so does the category of dedicated hydration supplements and the now well-established sub-category of clear and refreshing protein powder. The fruity approach to protein products has reached the point where it can be seen from brands of all sizes and in all parts of the world, with Europe bringing another one this week from the team at Vast in Germany.

Vast has introduced AWhey Clear, similarly named to its original isolate-powered protein powder AWhey Isolate, with the difference being, as mentioned above, that this one only comes in refreshingly fruity flavor options. The supplement gives you 25g of protein a serving, all from premium and fast-absorbing whey isolate, no fat, and half a gram of carbohydrates for one of the leanest calorie counts you’ll come across at 102.

AWhey Clear keeps to the trend as Vast has launched it in three tastes, all featuring some sort of fruity theme in Peach Iced Tea, the two-part recipe Strawberry Watermelon, and Fresh Pineapple. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t put as many servings in AWhey Clear as AWhey Isolate, at 15 in a rather small 1lb tub, which directly from Vast will cost you €29.90 (32.78 USD).