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Whey Better says it’ll have dark and white protein chocolate before the end of the year

Whey Better Protein Dark And White Chocolate

The better-for-you chocolate company Whey Better debuted near the end of last year with its signature product, Protein Milk Chocolate, which is a solid block of decadent milk chocolate with heightened protein at 17g a pack, no added sugar, and an infusion of vitamins. The tasty-looking functional food seems to have proven rather popular, as the brand is getting ready to expand its selection by way of a couple of other variants.

Whey Better currently has only Protein Milk Chocolate available and on the market, although sometime soon, there will be two more blocks of protein-packed chocolate with different chocolate bases in a rich Protein Dark Chocolate and a sweet Protein White Chocolate. The upcoming extensions have the same highlights as the original milk chocolate with that respectable 17g of protein, no added sugar, and a blend of vitamins.

Whey Better does make its Protein Chocolate with real chocolate, whether it be Protein Milk Chocolate or the new Protein Dark and White Chocolate, so you can expect an authentic dark and white chocolate experience in the upcoming products. The bad news is the brand has said it plans on releasing its Dark and White variants before the end of the year, suggesting they won’t be hitting shelves in the UK anytime soon.