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Whey Better unveils its block of chocolate that’s high in protein and infused with vitamins

Whey Better Milk Protein Chocolate

The upcoming functional company Whey Better recently teased its debut product, revealing that it’ll be some sort of bar-format snack with no added sugar and infused with vitamins and minerals. As the UK-based newcomer edges closer to its launch, it has confirmed exactly what its first drop will be with the delicious-looking Whey Better Protein Milk Chocolate.

Whey Better’s Protein Milk Chocolate is a solid block of chocolate, although it’s not like any of the sugar-loaded chocolate blocks on the market. Protein Milk Chocolate is a sizeable 75g bar with a heightened 17g of protein, and as mentioned, no added sugar, with three flavors or chocolate variants to choose from in, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate.

Whey Better has also provided a bit more detail about the added vitamins and minerals in Protein Milk Chocolate, with 13 thrown into the mix to support immunity, beauty, energy, and general health. The product is described as a healthier alternative to traditional blocks of chocolate that are much lower in protein, higher in carbohydrates, and don’t have all of the extra vitamins.

The sweet and smooth-sounding Protein Milk Chocolate from Whey Better is due to hit the market in the UK shortly, and once again, it’ll have three options in Milk, White, and Dark Chocolate, all with 17g of protein, no added sugar, and fortified with 13 vitamins. The brand and product are launching in boxes of 12 at £2.99 each and at the reliable distributor Body Shocker.

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