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ZOA is coming out with a pre-workout in the traditional flavored powder format

Zoa Is Releasing A Powder Pre Workout

The Rock’s energy drink ZOA started with a health and wellness-focused beverage, featuring ingredients for energy, vitamins and minerals for general health, electrolytes for hydration, amino acids, and immune support. The brand took a deep turn into the sports nutrition world soon after that launch and introduced ZOA+, a pre-workout style energy drink with a formula focused more on helping you power through a workout.

Details have emerged on another product from ZOA that goes even further into sports nutrition with an actual supplement in the traditional flavored powder format. The Rock’s brand is coming out with a ZOA+ Pre-Workout in tubs of 25 servings, not a single-serving beverage, and it provides 200mg of natural caffeine, just like the ZOA+ Pre-Workout drink, alongside other components for mental focus and nitric oxide or muscle pumps.

The powder supplement version of the ZOA+ Pre-Workout is a significant step for ZOA, not just because it brings a whole new format to the brand and its lineup, but it leaves the door open to expand into other sports nutrition categories. This could easily lead ZOA down the road of protein powder, aminos, a hydration product, or really any other popular supplement type, which makes sense since sports nutrition brands are jumping into the energy drink space on an almost weekly basis.

The ZOA+ Pre-Workout powder supplement is expected to launch early next month in tubs of 25 servings at a price of $44.99, leaving us interested to see what else is in the formula outside of the 200mg of natural caffeine. The product is due to arrive in three flavors; only one of them is available for a ZOA beverage in Cherry Lime, with the other two tastes being a refreshing Wild Berry and the classic supplement flavor, Fruit Punch.

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