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Super Starfruit arriving Tuesday as Alpha Lion’s latest Pre-Workout Of The Month creation

Alpha Lion Super Starfruit Superhuman

Like clockwork, right at the beginning of the month, Alpha Lion is back announcing the latest entry in its incredibly long-running and immensely reliable Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. Despite pumping out all sorts of flavors and experiences over the years at a consistent monthly pace, the popular brand continues to create new and different tastes, and for September, that something different is a flavor called Super Starfruit.

Alpha Lion has crafted its latest limited edition Pre-Workout Of The Month Series experience, Super Starfruit, for its more cost-effective pre-workout Superhuman Core and the stackable pump-powering Superhuman Pump. As per the name, the product promises a tropical starfruit taste, which is sort of a sweet and sour fruit, and it is going to be available for purchase through the brand’s online store this coming Tuesday at precisely 5 PM Eastern Time for loyal VIP members and two hours later for all others.