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Apollo’s adds more to the nootropic category with different balances of energy and focus

Apollos Hegemony More Nootropics

The ever-busy Apollo’s Hegemony has introduced more ways to improve mental focus and cognition, an area of supplementation the reputable European brand was already relatively strong in. Now available, alongside its highly effective Mastermind and the likes of Smart Caps, is a new and improved version, the third, in fact, of the caffeinated capsule-format Brain Fuel, plus the packed-out Genous and the gaming-specific Skill Pill.

Each of those supplements from Apollo’s Hegemony brings together ingredients for energy and focus, including different levels of caffeine; it is, however, the specific components and balance of energy and focus in them that sets them apart from one another. Brain Fuel is the simplest of the lot, featuring caffeine at a reasonable 200mg, 166mg of rhodiola, 125mg of theacrine, and 50mg of uridine for an uplifting effect on the mind and body.

Next is Genous, Apollo’s Hegemony’s slightly more complex nootropic, also featuring a reliable 200mg of caffeine, plus 75mg of Dynamine, 50mg of sceletium tortuosum, 100mg of Forslean-branded coleus, and finally, 200mg of ginseng. Last is Skill Pill, the brand’s gaming supplement, which comes in capsules, not the common gamer format of flavored powder, and it packs 100mg of caffeine, huperzine A, lutein for eye and vision health, a lighter 25mg of Dynamine, 150mg of lion’s mane, and 100mg of theanine.

Brain Fuel V3, Genous, and Skill Pill basically give fans of Apollo’s Hegemony more options for better energy and focus. They aren’t supplements you can stack together, but variations of those effects, with Brain Fuel being a cost-effective offering, Skill Pill more moderate and geared towards gamers, and Genous a step up from Brain Fuel. They are all available through the popular Polish retailer Muscle Zone, ranging from 89 to 119zł.