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Peanut butter meets sweet honey in Axe and Sledge’s latest creative flavor of Farm Fed

Axe And Sledge Peanut Butter N Honey Farm Fed

Axe and Sledge Supplements is known for its many different sports nutrition products, especially in the world of pre-workouts like Ignition Switch and DBAP; it’s also known for putting together creative and delicious flavors for those products. Arriving tonight at precisely 8 PM Eastern Time through the brand’s online store is another intriguing taste for Axe and Sledge’s more traditional protein powder, Farm Fed.

The new experience Axe and Sledge Supplements has put together is a bit of a twist on your classic peanut butter with a Peanut Butter N’Honey Farm Fed protein powder. Those two are a nice complementing couple, where peanut butter offers up a smooth nutty base and honey flies in with its signature sweetness. Again, the product is going live later tonight at in tubs of 30 servings at $52.99, each of those servings packing 22g of protein from quality grass-fed whey isolate.