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Beauty benefits meet high-protein in Beast Pink’s hybrid functional food

Beast Pink Protein Glowbar

Women’s marketed sports nutrition brand Beast Pink, out in Europe, has added another functional item to its lineup to go alongside Collagen Beauty Shot and Yum Yum Protein Spread, although it’s actually quite similar to Collagen Beauty Shot. The bright pink brand has launched Protein Glowbar, bringing together a handful of ingredients to support various beauty benefits alongside the convenience of a pocket-sized protein snack.

Beast Pink’s Protein Glowbar relies on whey, milk, collagen, and soy to provide 12.8g of protein a piece, with enough collagen to offer the beauty benefits mentioned earlier, including support for healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. To further the main focus of the product, the brand has thrown in biotin, selenium, and zinc, and the other macros filling out the nutrition profile are 15g of carbohydrates, 2g of that sugar, 7g of fat, and 161 calories.

While we’ve seen plenty of collagen-based or collagen-infused bars and snacks, Beast Pink is one of the few that really leans into the beauty side of collagen, promoting and pushing that as much as the high-protein portion. The brand packs all of that into a chocolate-covered bar available in two flavors, Chocolate and Strawberry, and directly from GymBeam’s online store, it’ll cost you €1.40 (1.48 USD) or €32.95 (34.88 USD) for a box of 25.