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Premixed protein drink comes to Black Skulls already large line of protein products

Black Skull Whey Drink Rtd

Black Skull in Brazil has pumped out many different protein-centric supplements over the years; some of them have even been similar enough so that one could replace the other. Either way, it has plenty of experience in the highly competitive world of protein products. While the brand has produced plenty of protein powders from Whey Zero and Holy Whey through to Hannibal and Isolon, it has yet to touch the protein RTD space.

That all changes this month, as Black Skull has revealed and released its first-ever protein RTD in Whey Drink. It is designed to be an enjoyable protein-packed beverage to take with you and have on the go, providing 15g of protein a bottle from whey concentrate, skimmed milk, and collagen. The fat is nice and low at 3g, although unfortunately, the carbohydrates are high, higher than the protein at 18g, with half of that being sugar, leading to a calorie count of 159.

Black Skull has already launched and begun rolling out its Whey Drink protein RTD in its home country of Brazil, and if you weren’t aware, Black Skull is one of the biggest names in supplements in that part of the world, so fitness enthusiasts should see the beverage all over the place. Right from its initial debut, there are four flavors available for the protein drink in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and the classic confection, Dulce de leche.

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