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Combat Fuel attempts to recreate the classic Irn-Bru as a flavor of its clear protein powder

Combat Fuel Iron Brew Clear Whey Protein

Irn-Bru is an extremely popular beverage in the United Kingdom, instantly recognizable by its iconic orange background and blue “I” taking up most of the front of the product and also housing the brand’s logo. It is so popular many sports nutrition companies from that part of the world have attempted to recreate the taste in the form of a supplement. Combat Fuel is the latest to take that challenge with a flavor of Clear Whey Protein, similarly called Iron Brew.

Combat Fuel’s Iron Brew Clear Whey Protein basically takes the iconic beverage’s signature citrusy taste and puts it into the brand’s refreshing clear-style protein powder, which already comes in several other fruity options like Cloudy Lemonade, Spinegrapple, and Watermelon. For now, Combat Fuel has only announced its attempt at Irn-Bru as a protein shake, but plans on making it available for purchase shortly, sometime within the next couple of weeks.