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EASsentials Series debuts with vitamin C tablets enhanced with Cyclosome Technology

Eas Eassentials Vitamin C

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and EAS were already in the news this week, yesterday in fact, with information about three new flavors for the original meal replacement Myoplex in Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Frootie Cereal, and Cinnamon Cereal Crunch. Another day brings another addition to the legacy sports nutrition brand and its growing family of supplements, although, unlike the many others we’ve seen from EAS since its return, this one is significantly more straightforward.

EAS has introduced the EASsentials Series of single-ingredient products, or at least that’s the approach with the first entry in the collection. The newest supplement from the brand, alongside the three additional flavors of Myoplex, is Vitamin C. It is out now and indeed as simple as it sounds, packing half a gram of the antioxidant vitamin C in each of its 200 tablets, and to enhance efficacy, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and EAS have infused it with Cyclosome Technology for superior absorption.