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Efectiv introduces a grass-fed whey isolate to go alongside its popular blend-style protein powder

Efectiv Whey Protein Isolate

Efectiv Nutrition in the UK is known for its popular whey concentrate and isolate-powered protein powder Efectiv Whey, offering a great source of protein at 21g a serving alongside low carbohydrates and fat. The brand has introduced a new competitor for that same category in Efectiv Protein Isolate; where unlike Efectiv Whey and its blend of whey concentrate and isolate, Protein Isolate relies entirely on premium grass-fed whey isolate.

Efectiv Protein Isolate provides a lean 27g of protein in a 30g serving, again, all coming from high-quality grass-fed whey isolate, which leaves little room for the other macros, and they are indeed low at a gram of carbohydrates and under a gram of fat. The supplement is a more premium alternative to the brand’s already well-established Efectiv Whey, for those who want something a bit leaner and more efficiently absorbed.

While Efectiv Whey spices things up on the flavor side, including a variety of common and uncommon tastes, Efectiv Protein Isolate is a little tamer, sticking to the classics in Milky Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Strawberry Milkshake. You can grab any or all of those products directly through the brand’s online store at £54.99 (68.11 USD) for a bag of 66 servings, compared to Efectiv Whey’s £44.99 for a bag of 52 servings if you scale its protein per serving to match that of the isolate alternative.