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Fruit Punch arriving and Tropical Punch returning to SEEQ Wednesday but only one can stay

Fruit Punch Seeq Clear Protein

This Wednesday, the clear protein specialist SEEQ is releasing an all-new fruity taste creation in Fruit Punch, one of the most common flavors when it comes to the world of sports nutrition supplements, particularly pre-workouts and amino cocktails. The brand has had something similar on the market in the past in a Tropical Punch SEEQ Clear Protein, which was discontinued or at least put into its vault at the beginning of July.

When SEEQ officially launches its new Fruit Punch SEEQ Clear Protein this coming Wednesday, it seems as though there is going to be a bit of a showdown. The brand is also bringing Tropical Punch out of the vault alongside Fruit Punch and is promoting the whole thing as a battle between the two. SEEQ has said there can only ever be one “Punch” flavor at any one time, so somehow it’ll be decided: Tropical Punch or Fruit Punch.

Again, all of the action is taking place this Wednesday over at, where both Tropical Punch and the fresh-faced newcomer Fruit Punch SEEQ Clear Protein will be available for purchase. We have to imagine SEEQ will be taking some sort of vote or even sales measurement to see which of the two punch recipes fans like the most, and put the least popular one into or back into the vault for later down the road.