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Heavy Nation previews its upcoming family of protein powders including an isolate and gainer

Heavy Nation Family Of Protein Powders

South Africa’s Heavy Nation has been incredibly busy this year, rolling out a complete rebrand, releasing the country’s first premium pre-workout, and expanding its growing selection of supplements. The sports nutrition company recently teased the coming of a seemingly standalone creatine product named Crea Mono; although that’s not all it’s been working on, it is also coming out with not one or two but four protein powders.

Heavy Nation has shared the first look at four separate protein-based supplements, each of them kind of giving away its point of difference in its title. There is Isolate Protein, a pure whey isolate-powered protein powder; the multi-source blend-style product Whey Protein; the more advanced Muscle Whey combining protein and creatine; and lastly, Bulk Protein, a high-calorie mass gainer featuring a packed-out nutrition profile.

Heavy Nation doesn’t have that many supplements under its banner at the moment, just four in Jack Hammer, Mega Dosed, Muscle Juice, and Vaso Junky. With that in mind, this amount of protein powders will take an impressive level of effort and is a huge step forward for the brand. Heavy Nation is dropping Isolate Protein, Whey Protein, Muscle Whey, and Bulk Protein shortly, which will include availability directly through