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Inaka releases a protein powder alongside the introduction of its revamped V2 Collection

Inaka Whey Protein

Apparel brand Inaka shared details on a revamped version of its supplements last week, revealing highlights that appeared to be from new and improved takes on its two pre-workouts, the stimulant-backed Pre-Workout and pump-enhancing Pump. That is actually all a part of what the brand is calling the Inaka Supps V2 Collection, which is indeed a revamp of its sports nutrition products, and it includes the debut of the all-new Inaka Whey Protein.

Inaka Whey Protein is the first-ever protein powder from Inaka, not something that was available previously, but entirely introduced under the Inaka Supps V2 Collection. It further fills out the brand’s selection of supplements, giving fans a convenient way to get more protein into their daily lives. The product is relatively straightforward, packing 25g of protein a serving, all from cost-effective whey concentrate, with around 2 to 3g each of carbohydrates and fat, and reasonable calories between 120 and 130.

Again, Inaka Whey Protein relies exclusively on whey concentrate as its source of protein, not the premium and more expensive whey isolate, or even a blend of isolate and concentrate; it’s similar to NutraBio’s competitively priced Classic Whey and Myprotien’s flagship Impact Whey Protein. You can grab the protein powder directly from Inaka’s online store at $46 for a 2.3lb tub of 30 servings, in three flavors, with a classic Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and the cinnamony Snickerdoodle.