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Inaka shares a few highlights from its promisingly revamped series of supplements

New And Improved Inaka Power Supps Right Around The Corner

Inaka Power is a fitness apparel company that branched out into the world of sports nutrition supplements a little more than a year ago with some relatively straightforward formulas for some of the industry’s most popular categories. The brand started out with two pre-workouts, one with stimulants and the other without, both featuring reasonable dosages, including a hefty 8g of citrulline malate in the stimulant-free Pump.

An exciting change is coming to Inaka Power, and its small family of sports nutrition products that seem to address anyone who felt the formulas could’ve done with higher dosages for a more advanced and effective formula. The brand has said it’s taken back all of its supplements, including its stimulant and stimulant-free pre-workouts, and reformulated them from the ground up for better results and a stronger experience.

Inaka Power has given an example of its new and improved formulas, sharing what sounds like highlights from its revamped stimulant pre-workout in 300mg of alpha-GPC for focus, a high 9g of pure citrulline to power pumps, and a much higher 350mg of caffeine for energy. All of those are steps up from the brand’s current pre-workout, especially the citrulline and caffeine that were at 4g and 200mg, respectively, in the original.

We’re not sure when all of Inaka Power’s updated and upgraded supplements are going to be available, as its online store still appears to be listing its previous products, including Pre-Workout, the stimulant-free Pump, Essential Aminos, and the superfood competitor Greens. It certainly sounds like the brand is making its promising changes shortly, and we’ll be sure to share all of the necessary details when it all goes down.