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Pineapple and strawberry clash with coconut in Inspired’s fourth flavor of FSU Serum

Island Vibes Fsu Serum Cell Volumizer

FSU Serum Cell Volumizer is Inspired’s packed-out pump pre-workout, which brings a somewhat different approach to the glycerol-based liquid format-style supplement, where you get more than just glycerol. In the typical style of the reputable and past Brand Of The Year winner, FSU Serum packs an advanced blend of ingredients, giving you 20g of glycerol, 2g of NO3-T betaine nitrate, and half a gram of sodium, all for intense muscle pumps.

Inspired launched its pump-powering and incredibly stackable pump pre-workout FSU Serum Cell Volumizer in three flavors with LSD (Lemon Strawberry Dream), Sour Rainbow (Rainbow Candy), and Galaxy Pop (Bomb Popsicle). This month, roughly half a year after FSU Serum hit the market back in March, the brand is adding another taste to the menu of the versatile liquid pre-workout in Island Vibes, which is a Pineapple, Strawberry and Coconut recipe, and to celebrate its debut, it is 25% off at $33.74 for a bottle of 16 servings.

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