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Demonic skull-shaped shaker from JNX gets a series of brighter electric colors

Jnx Sports Curse Shaker Electric Series

JNX Sports’ signature shaker is a must for any enthusiast or regular user of sports nutrition supplements, as there is simply nothing else like it on the market. The bottle itself is shaped like a skull, fitting, of course, from the company that makes the internationally known pre-workout, The Curse. The brand brought the product to market in early 2020 in the lone black color with red eyes, and it has since added mint and military green options; now, beginning this week, there is the Electric Series.

The Curse Shaker Electric Series is a family of genuinely electric, neon colorways of that demonic skull-shaped bottle, bringing a much brighter feel to the product. The extensions include Electric Green and Electric Blue, and the even lighter pair of Electric Pink and Electric Yellow. You can grab them straight from JNX Sports’ online store, where the shaker is actually very reasonably priced, considering the unique shape, moderately-sized 700ml bottle, and strong build quality, at $11.99 each.

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