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Musashi Energy gets its second new flavor for the year in a classic Lemonade

Lemonade Musashi Energy

Musashi Nutrition in Australia, a legacy sports nutrition competitor in practically all of the important categories on the market, jumped into the world of energy drinks a couple of years back with Musashi Energy. The product debuted in three different flavors with Blue Raspberry, Purple Grape, and Fruit Crush, which were joined by Green Apple earlier this year, and here in September, the performance-supporting beverage is welcoming its second completely new taste.

Currently making its way out into the market is flavor number five of Musashi Nutrition’s energy drink with another fruit-themed creation in a classic Lemonade Musashi Energy. The product is available first through the brand’s official online store, where a case of 12 cans will cost you $48 (30.83 USD). You, of course, get Musashi Energy’s usual formula in the Lemonade flavor extension with a gram of BCAAs, 1.6g of beta-alanine, 160mg of caffeine, and just four calories.

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