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Mars adds a sleep-supporting flavor to its Athena Series of functional protein powders

Mars Athena Strawberry Protein Powder For Sleep

Mars in Taiwan and Hong Kong has released another entry in its functional family of protein powders, the Athena Series, originally made up of three separate flavors, and each of those comes with different bonus benefits. There is Oolong Milk combining protein and weight loss ingredients, Matcha Green Tea Latte with probiotics and enzymes for digestion and gut health, and the beauty-supporting Milk Tea infused with collagen and premium PhytoflORAL.

The fourth member of the Mars Athena Series is a sweet and straightforward Strawberry flavor with that same lean nutrition profile led by 15g of protein from whey concentrate, a gram of fat, 2.8g of carbohydrates, just 2.1g of that sugar, and a light 82 calories. The functional side of the supplement is specifically geared toward nighttime, with a variety of vitamins, 200mg of tryptophan, and 250mg of GABA in an effort to help you get a better night’s sleep.

The sleep-supporting Strawberry Athena protein powder is a great addition to Mars’ functional family, giving fans a way to squeeze benefits into another area of their daily lives as well as a lean source of protein. Like the other entries in the Athena Series, the GABA and tryptophan-enhanced supplement comes in sachets of individual servings, and directly from the brand’s online store, you’ll pay $398 (50.87 USD) for a box of 30 servings.