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Protein snacking is apparently about to pop in the UK with Novo Nutrition

Novo Nutrition Teases Some Sort Of Pop Product

Never one to disappoint, the functional food specialist in the UK, Novo Nutrition, has dropped a teaser for its next innovation, and in reference to this brand in particular, we do tend to mean “innovation” a lot more than others. Novo is no stranger to putting together completely new types of better-for-you treats and snacks, and they always tend to taste pretty damn good; just roll back eight months to the Novo Protein Shake.

The latest teaser from Novo Nutrition is in regards to some sort of entirely new functional food, and there are some clues, although nothing that gives us any absolute answer. The line that clearly includes some hints is “protein snacking is about to go pop in the UK.” The action and effect immediately have us thinking of a chip-style product, something like a protein-packed popped chip or maybe even high-protein popcorn.

Either of those guesses is completely possible with Novo Nutrition, especially since it’s done protein chips before and proved very successful with them. The mystery item is due to be revealed later this week and then go on to hit shelves in major supermarkets in the coming weeks, which is another indication about its format, as we have to imagine if it’s going into grocery, it’ll be a better-for-you take on a familiar type of food.

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