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Steel’s highly-anticipated energy drink is finally making its debut this coming Monday

Omni Energy Drink Finally Making Its Debut

As far as long-awaited products go, Steel Supplements’ entry into the highly and increasingly competitive energy drink space is one we’ve been waiting for longer than anything else. The concept was first previewed in August of last year with Steel Octane, which then evolved into Omni Energy Drink, announced in March of this year. That beverage is now finally ready to go and is finally hitting the market in just a few days.

The hardcore company Steel Supplements has set an official launch date of September 18 for its highly-anticipated Omni Energy Drink. We’ve still yet to get a closer look at what’s in the beverage, although, as far as we know, it is going to be an advanced competitor. The brand has said it won’t be anything traditional and features a selection of aminos, vitamins, focus-enhancing nootropics, and, of course, energizing caffeine.

As mentioned, Steel Supplements is planning to debut its long-waited Omni Energy Drink at the beginning of next week, so while we are still lacking a lot of information, it won’t be long before we have everything you need to know. The functional, multi-benefit beverage is also going to have a moderately-sized menu from its initial rollout with three flavors to choose from, each uniquely named in Beach Day, Stoked, and Corsa.