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Sour Apple revealed as Project #1 Nutrition’s all-new four-supplement flavor series

Project 1 Nutrition Sour Apple

The young and growing Project #1 Nutrition recently teased the coming of a whole new flavor series, where it’s put together a fresh new taste for the majority of its growing selection of sports nutrition supplements. The teaser featured each of the products getting the flavor in the pre-workouts Quantum-X and AMP-NOX, Amino Evolution, and Embrax, and waves and splashes of green liquid, representing the taste in some way.

Project #1 Nutrition has completely revealed and released its all-new flavor series this week, right at the beginning of September, introducing Quantum-X, AMP-NOX, Amino Evolution, and Embrax in a crisp and refreshing Sour Apple option. All of the products are available for purchase through the brand’s website, with Quantum-X at $39.95, AMP-NOX at $46.95, and Embrax at $32.95, but the Sour Apple Amino Evolution will not be available for purchase until sometime later this month.