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Project #1 teases its first complete flavor series for four of its earlier supplements

Project One Teases Special Edition Flavor Series

Project #1 Nutrition may have an extensive selection of supplements, great distribution recently announcing a partnership with GNC, and have a strong premier ambassador in the form of legendary wrestler Kurt Angle, but it is still not all that old. It was only about one year ago the Axe and Sledge co-founder and ex-lead formulator Patrick Williams introduced Project #1 Nutrition, and it has gone from strength to strength since then.

Next up from Project #1, Nutrition is a fresh new flavor, although not for one or two products, but four, in an entire flavor series. The brand is putting together the flavor for all of its longer-running supplements in the stimulant pre-workout Quantum-X, the pump-powering pre-workout AMP-NOX, the recovery-supporting cocktail Amino Evolution, and the fat burner Embrax.

The only catch with the news of Project #1 Nutrition launching a flavor series involving all of those products; is to keep things fun and exciting, it has yet to reveal any specific details about the taste, not any sort of name or vague description. All we have at the moment is confirmation that we are getting a whole series and the image above, where if we are to take away anything, it’s that it’s potentially green-related, like sour green apple.