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Protein Kitchen rolls out a smaller version of its real food protein bar at Netto

Protein Kitchen Smaller Protein Bar

The Protein Kitchen in Denmark is a widely available, better-for-you company that makes all sorts of healthy foods, convenient snacks, and on-the-go, nutritious items. Years ago, the functional style brand introduced a traditional bar-format offering, similar to the RXBar, in that it’s made with real food ingredients and lists them off on the front of its packaging, including the likes of hazelnuts, dates, and egg whites.

Denmark’s The Protein Kitchen is rolling out an extension of its simply named Protein Bar here in September, which isn’t another flavor but an alternative size. The original product tips the scales at 55g and provides about 11g of protein, 20g of carbohydrates, and around 220 calories, depending on the flavor. The additional size of the Protein Kitchen Protein Bar is 35g, and it fittingly has roughly two-thirds of the macros.

The Protein Kitchen has dropped its smaller, more snack-sized Protein Bar in all four flavors of the full-size product, with those options being the nut-based experiences, Cocoa & Peanuts, Cocoa & Hazelnuts, Coconut & Almonds, and Cacao & Cashews. Fans can already find the pocket-sized spin-off at the major Danish supermarket chain Netto and its over 500 locations across the country.