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Peak ATP teams up with classic creatine for Purus Labs’ more advanced creatine competitor

Purus Labs Creatine Atp

Creatine supplements are as popular as ever, and with that popularity has come a rise in brands looking to separate their competitors by putting a much more complex formula into their creatine products. Purus Labs is one of the many companies in sports nutrition that has standalone creatine under its basic Foundations Series, and beginning this week, it has one of the more advanced creatine-based muscle builders in Creatine ATP.

Purus Labs has combined two key ingredients to create Creatine ATP, the first of them being, of course, classic creatine monohydrate, at a full 5g in each of its 30 servings per tub. Then, to add some complexity to the supplement, the creatine sits alongside premium and proven Peak ATP at 400mg for its ability to improve performance, blood flow, and nutrient delivery, a nice complement to the strength and power-supporting creatine.

Creatine ATP from Purus Labs is obviously more expensive than the straightforward Foundation Series Creatine, which directly through will cost you $19.99 for a tub of 30 unflavored servings. Creatine ATP goes about 75% more than that at $34.99 for a bottle of the same amount of servings, but again it has that more advanced formula thanks to the addition of Peak ATP to further drive strength and performance.