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RiteBite puts together a family of protein powders to go alongside its functional foods

Ritebite Max Protein Whey

RiteBite in India is heavily known for its functional foods, with a great selection of protein bars, cookies, protein-packed chips, and clean nutrition snacks available in convenient locations throughout the country. There is a completely new side to the brand beginning this month, expanding its family of protein products into a traditional format, although it’s completely new to RiteBite in a collection of three protein powders.

Max Protein is a series of protein supplements from RiteBite, including Max Protein Whey, providing 24g of protein a serving, almost all from whey concentrate, 3g of carbohydrates, no sugar, 1.6g of fat, and 122 calories. Next is Max Protein Plant, giving you 25g of protein a serving from pea concentrate, 2.4g of carbohydrates, no sugar, 2.7g of fat, and 129 calories, making it as lean of a source of protein as Max Protein Whey.

Ritebite Max Protein Series

The third and final entry in RiteBite’s Max Protein Series is Max Protein Plant For Cooking, which is a protein powder made with soy and wheat protein to give you 18g of protein in a 30g serving, 4.8g of carbohydrates, 3.8g of fat, and 126 calories. As the name suggests, this one is designed more for use in cooking or baking to add protein to your homemade creation, such as roti with a significantly heightened level of protein.

RiteBite is rolling out its entire Max Protein Series this month, including availability through its own online store with 1kg and 2kg tubs of Max Protein Whey at ₹3,999 and ₹7,499, in Irish Chocolate and Kulfi flavors. Max Protein Plant comes in smaller 500g and 1kg tubs priced at ₹1,299 and ₹2,499, respectively, in Alphonso Mango, Creamy Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate, and Jeera Masala flavors, and Max Protein Plant For Cooking is only in a half kilogram tub at ₹899, and for extra versatility it’s unflavored.