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Advanced Collagen Switch adds a traditional vanilla flavor to make it a menu of five

Switch Nutrition Vanilla Creme Collagen Switch

Switch Nutrition in Australia has launched a fifth flavor or fifth option for its relatively advanced collagen supplement, Collagen Switch, after bringing it to market almost precisely two years ago. The popular and reliably well-put-together sports nutrition brand debuted Collagen Switch in a stackable and smoothie-suited Unflavored and two actual tastes in Rich Chocolate and Mango Pineapple, and in the years since then, it’s added one more option with a second fruity creation in Strawberry Kiwi.

The newest flavor of Switch Nutrition’s collagen-based supplement is Vanilla Creme, a traditional extension that goes nicely alongside the original Rich Chocolate. The product itself still carries its advanced formula combining bovine and marine-sourced collagen, providing type I, II, and III, DigeZyme digestive enzymes, vitamins, aminos, MCTs, and prebiotic fiber. The brand’s online store is one of the first places you can get Vanilla Creme Collagen Switch in its 20 and larger 75 serving sizes.