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Cream of rice is on the way from TWP Nutrition but with added pre and probiotics

Twp Nutrition Cream Of Rice

TWP Nutrition in the UK has plenty of products to support the many different lifestyles out there and physical activities, covering muscle building, weight loss, pre-workout, recovery, sleep, and more essential daily items like creatine, protein powder, and multivitamin. As much as it’s done, there is room to grow and expand, and TWP Nutrition is about to do that with another nutrition product that’s relatively common in Europe.

TWP Nutrition has teased a supplement that isn’t really a tease; it’s more of a reveal, as we can see its name and description, and it’s a dead giveaway. The product is Anytime COR+, and if you’re at all familiar with sports nutrition in the UK, you’ll know COR means cream of rice. That is precisely what the upcoming supplement is, although the brand is mixing it up slightly, adding pre and probiotics for gut health and digestion.

Anytime COR+ promises 36g of carbohydrates per serving, but again, this is a cream of rice we’re talking about here, so you can slice the serving to any amount you like, and with that main ingredient, you’ll get a clean, carbohydrate-centric nutrition profile. TWP Nutrition is looking to launch the product sometime soon in its local UK market, both through its online store at and retail partners in two basic flavors.