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Protolyte is about to get a plant-based version with 25g of protein and a lean 100 calories

Vmi Sports Previews Protolyte Plant Protein

Protolyte is the premier protein powder from VMI Sports, backed entirely by high-quality whey isolate to provide a clean and lean nutrition profile, and from every flavor we’ve had, it delivers an incredibly enjoyable taste. We have some interesting news from the widely available sports nutrition brand today regarding Protolyte, although it’s not a flavor like we’re used to seeing from VMI but a spin-off in the green-themed Protolyte Plant Protein.

Protolyte Plant Protein is indeed VMI Sports’ vegan-friendly, plant-powered protein powder, providing a strong 25g of protein per serving, not the smaller amount of 20g we typically see in protein supplements of this sort. More interestingly, the first look at the product shows that it has 100 calories a serving, which if that’s true, there should be no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat in Protolyte Plant Protein since 1g of protein comes with four calories.

VMI Sports looks to be continuing its strong reputation in protein powder into the sub-category of plant protein powder. Protolyte Plant Protein has all of the necessary highlights and features, including added electrolytes and enzymes to support digestion, with taste being the only unknown factor. Again, VMI delivers great flavor in Protolyte so we don’t imagine it missing the market in Protolyte Plant Protein and the first two options confirmed do sound delicious in Chocolate Fudge Cookies and Vanilla Cake Batter.